Python Tutorials

In the following Python tutorials, we will explore the different Python libraries that are used in data-science and data-management.

Some of the libraries that we will use include, pandas, sklearn, statsmodels, matplotlib, pyodbc, and more. Each Python tutorial contains a step-by-step guide with the full data-set that you can apply.

Databases & SQL

Connect Python to MS Access
Connect Python to Oracle
Connect Python to SQL Server
Connect Python to MySQL
Create a Database using sqlite3
Use SQL in Python
Insert Values into MySQL

GUI – tkinter

Create GUI – tkinter
Yes/No message boxes

Machine Learning

Linear Regression – statsmodels
Multiple Linear Regression


Calculate stats
Import CSV File into Python
Import CSV with Variable Name
Import Excel File into Python
Create Pandas DataFrame
Export DataFrame to CSV

IF condition – DataFrame

System, Installations and Upgrades

Install package – PIP
Install package – connection error
Uninstall package – PIP
Upgrade PIP – Anaconda
Upgrade PIP – Windows
Batch File to Run Script
System Dates

Current Date
Delete File or Folder
Run Batch File from Python


Create Charts – Matplotlib