Python Tutorials

Machine Learning

Linear Regression – statsmodels
Multiple Linear Regression
K-Means Clustering
Confusion Matrix
Logistic Regression
Random Forest


Calculate stats
Import CSV File into Python
Import CSV with Variable Name
Import Excel File into Python
Create Pandas DataFrame
Export DataFrame to CSV
Export DataFrame to Excel
Export DataFrame to JSON
IF condition – DataFrame
Concatenate Column Values
Convert DataFrame to List

Sort Pandas DataFrame
Create Pivot Table
Remove Duplicates from Pandas DataFrame
Select Row from Pandas DataFrame
Union Pandas DataFrames
Plot DataFrame
Descriptive Statistics for Pandas DataFrame
Convert Strings to Floats in Pandas DataFrame
LEFT, RIGHT and MID in Pandas
Replace NaN Values with Zeros
Load JSON String into DataFrame
Round Values in Pandas DataFrame
Count Duplicates in Pandas DataFrame
Sum each Column and Row in Pandas DataFrame
Add new column to Pandas DataFrame
Compare Values in two DataFrames
Join Pandas DataFrames using Merge
Convert String to Integer in Pandas DataFrame
Convert a List to DataFrame
Reset an Index in Pandas DataFrame
Rename Columns in Pandas DataFrame
Drop Rows with NaN Values in Pandas DataFrame
Pandas DataFrame to SQL
Convert CSV to Excel
Convert Integers to Floats in Pandas DataFrame
Correlation Matrix using Pandas
Average for each Column and Row in Pandas DataFrame
Convert Dictionary to Pandas DataFrame
Convert Excel to CSV
Covariance Matrix
Convert JSON String to CSV
Data Type in Pandas DataFrame
Convert Integers to Strings in Pandas DataFrame
Convert CSV to JSON String
Convert Text File to CSV
Generate Random Integers in Pandas Dataframe
Check for NaN in Pandas DataFrame
Fastest way to Convert Integers to Strings
Check the Version of Pandas Installed
Convert Strings to Datetime in Pandas DataFrame
Create NaN Values in Pandas DataFrame
Change the Pandas Version in Windows
Replace Values in Pandas DataFrame
Create Pandas Series from a List
Convert Pandas Series to a DataFrame
Set Column as Index in Pandas DataFrame
Convert Integers to Datetime in Pandas DataFrame
Get a List of All Column Names in Pandas DataFrame
Convert Index to Column in Pandas DataFrame
Select Rows Containing a Substring in Pandas DataFrame
Change Strings to Lowercase in Pandas DataFrame
Add Prefix to Each Column Name in Pandas DataFrame

Databases & SQL

Connect Python to MS Access
Connect Python to Oracle
Connect Python to SQL Server
Connect Python to MySQL

Create a Database using sqlite3
Use SQL in Python
Insert Values into MySQL

Insert Values into MS Access
Insert Values into SQL Server

Update values in MySQL
SQL to Pandas DataFrame
Delete Records from MS Access
Update Records in MS Access
Update Records in SQL Server
Import a CSV File to SQL Server using Python
Create Table in SQL Server using Python
Drop a Table in SQL Server using Python

GUI – tkinter

Create GUI – tkinter
Yes/No message box
Place charts on GUI
Create an Entry Box

System, Installations and Upgrades

Install package – PIP
Install package – Anaconda

Install package – connection error
Uninstall package – PIP
Upgrade PIP – Anaconda
Upgrade PIP – Windows
System Dates

Current Date
Delete File or Folder
Rename a File using Python
Schedule Python Script using Windows Scheduler
Add Python to Windows Path
Create Executable using Pyinstaller
List all txt Files in a Directory
Take Screenshots using Python
Convert Images to PDF using Python
Install Python 3.8 for Windows
Copy File in Python
Move a File or Directory in Python
Create Progress Bar in Python
Time Delay in Python
Get all the Modules Installed in Python
Run One Python Script From Another
Measure the Time it Takes to Run Python Script


Create Charts – Matplotlib
Export Matplotlib Charts to PDF
Plot Histogram
Create Pie Chart using Matplotlib
Plot Line Chart using Matplotlib
Create Scatter Diagram using Matplotlib
Create a Bar Chart using Matplotlib


While Loop
Concatenate and Slice Lists
Create a Calculator using Python
Create a List in Python
Modify a List in Python
Append an Item to a List in Python
Convert JPG to PNG using Python
Convert PNG to JPG using Python
Sort a List in Python
Input function in Python
How to Check the Version of Numpy Installed
For Loop in Python
How to Check the Scikit-Learn Version Installed
Generate Random Numbers in a Python List