How to Create an Input Box in Access

In this short guide, I’ll show you the steps to create a simple input box in Access.

For demonstration purposes, I’ll create the following input box. The goal is to get the square root based on the value typed in the box.

Creating an Input Box in Access 2016

Steps to Create an Input Box in Access

Step 1: Add a button to launch the input box

To begin, go to the Create tab, and then click on the Form Design:

Create tab in MS Access

A new Access Form will be created. Click on the “button” icon located on the Access ribbon, and then place that button on the form itself:

Add a button in MS Access

You’ll then see the Command Button Wizard. Click on Cancel as the wizard will not be needed:

Command Button Wizard

Right-click on the button, and then select ‘Build Event…

Button in MS Access

Next, select the Code Builder option, and then click on OK:

Code Builder

Step 2: Add a VBA

Now, you’ll see the following screen:

VBA example

Copy/Insert the following code in between the Private Sub Command0_Click() and the End Sub statements:

Dim SquareRoot As String

SquareRoot = InputBox("What is the square root of:", "Square Root Calculator")

MsgBox "The square root of " & SquareRoot & " is: " & (SquareRoot) ^ 0.5

Your final VBA code in Access would look like this:

How to Create an Input Box in Access

Let’s quickly review the main components of the code:

  • Dim SquareRoot As String – Here, the SquareRoot variable is set to a string
  • SquareRoot = InputBox(“What is the square root of:”, “Square Root Calculator”) – Here, the variable SquareRoot will assume the value typed in the input box. The input box has this structure: InputBox(“Text to be displayed within the input box”, “The title of the input box”)
  • The MsgBoxwill display the square root result based on this formula: (SquareRoot) ^ 0.5

Note that we used the symbol & after each section to concatenate all the above parts together within the message box. Also note, that you should place text within quotations, while you should not place variables (such as the SquareRoot) within quotations

Step 3: Save the VBA

Finally, save your VBA and the newly created Form (you can do that by pressing CTRL+S while on the VBA screen):

input box in Access

Step 4: Launch the input box in Access

To launch your input box, you’ll need to switch to the Form View so that you can click on the button you just created.

To switch to the Form View, first press on the View icon on the Access ribbon, and then select the From View option:

From View - MS Access

Click on the button on the form:

MS Access - Button

The input box will be displayed on your screen:

Creating an Input Box in Access 2016

Type a number in the input box and then press OK. For example, type the number of 25:

Creating an Input Box in Access

You’ll now see the result of your square root, which will be 5:

input box in Access

You have seen how to create an input box in Access. You may also want to check how to create a Combo Box in Access to gather user’s input.